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Market Research + Higher Education

Market research can help determine how successful (or not) a new concept will be via actionable feedback on what people are actually looking for. This was the case when we were engaged by a higher education provider looking to design, streamline and implement a new degree.

With the help of the client facilitating the focus groups, we were able gather valuable qualitative insights into why students thought what they thought regarding the new program options. Through a series of focus group sessions; consulting prospective, current and past students, we were able to narrow down and hone in on which of the predetermined scenarios students supported: i.e.  a new degree or a variations of the older models.

We dived straight into the verbatim and extracted key themes within each of the groups. We took into consideration a number of major influences on their decisions and thought processes. Outcomes included:

  • ranked preferences of the scenarios;
  • perceptions of other higher education institutions;
  • other degrees offered at the same institution;
  • demographics, e.g. gender, race, age;
  • sources of information for decision-making
  • reasons for choosing their current place of study; and so on.

Using the qualitative insights, we identified that flexibility was a key driver for many students pursuing this field of study. They did not want to be pigeonholed early on in their studies, barring them from choices further down the track.

We worked extensively with our client to realise and incorporate students’ desires and direction into the new program as an outcome of the research. Through the power of market research our client was able to identify and tailor their approach to formulate a degree which would positively impact students’ career choices at their institution.

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Market Research + Hospitality

Market research is such a powerful tool to have. Take this example of one of our recent clients in the hospitality industry. This client publishes branding material every year outlining the latest trends, sentiments, challenges, opportunities and business case studies in the industry.

We worked closely with their Marketing team to tweak their existing survey to fit the changing business landscape. As it turns out, we took care of the survey, the client took care of the email campaign to their extensive database. Responses were 100% voluntary (though some surveys do have incentives) and a donation was made to the client’s chosen charity for every response collected.

Using data from last year’s and this year’s results, we were able to extract comparative data for the different business groups being looked at. Our client was able to draw insights and forecast trends through the comparative data collected in the survey.

With the power of market research, their clients and readership are able to apply those insights and trend data to their own businesses, so they can better plan for the future and adapt to the ever changing market.

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Market Research + Aged Care

The power of research is so often undervalued.  Take one of our current clients in aged care – we are privileged to be working with an organisation which delivers care to some of the most vulnerable in our society – our elderly seniors.

This client clearly understands the importance of research to make sure they remain true to their core values of providing care with dignity and respect, whilst undergoing significant structural change to meet the needs of the modern world. We are continually working with senior management to provide them with relevant and timely information to make the necessary changes both within the organisation and externally.

Working with staff and understanding what is important to them, whilst delivering the care which residents expect, at the same time underpinning this with a community interface which projects the best of their ‘brand’ requires significant and accurate information for all levels of the organisation which we are proud to deliver.

Market research is important at all levels of an organisation: from the boardroom, managers, and employees through to the clients that they serve. By engaging at all levels in our client’s organisation, we have been able to draw insights and paint a picture that will underpin their decision making process looking forward; whether that means re-mapping workflows, streamlining service delivery processes or educating employees on the importance of organisational culture.

Ultimately, it means they are in a better position to provide their vulnerable clients with improved, personable and more efficient services through the power of market research.

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Made in Queensland?

Is your company eligible for a Made in Queensland grant (manufacturing)?

The Department of State Development, Queensland, has recently released a $20 million grants program aimed at increasing jobs in the Queensland manufacturing sector. Owners of small to medium Queensland manufacturers are encouraged to register their interest to take advantage of this program. Eligible registrants will undertake a free benchmarking program to determine where their businesses can become more competitive. This will then be supported with grant funding via the Made in Queensland program.

Registration takes 5 minutes – less time than it takes to drink your morning coffee!

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