Understanding inhwa in Korean Business

Obeying and understanding the rules of inhwa will make sure your venture into South Korea a success! Download now to read more on what impact inhwa has on doing business in South Korea.

Export Check List

Thinking about exporting? Asia is continually changing and its economies and markets are evolving more rapidly than anywhere else in the world.

The ‘Indonesian Way’

Indonesia is becoming increasingly important for Australia’s long-term and future economic development. Indonesia provides a massive wealth of opportunities for all Australian businesses.

Understanding guanxi in Chinese business

Historically, ancient Chinese society was fraught with chaos and instability with no structural system in place (e.g. government) to organise society as we know it in the twenty-first century. During these turbulent and often difficult times, society created an informal way of organising itself. Today, this is more commonly known as guanxi.

Managing your foreign exchange risk

Foreign exchange turnover in Australia is currently around AUD$165 billion a day. For most people, the banks are considered to be the only option when it comes to making an international money transfer, or receiving funds from overseas. Non-bank providers of foreign exchange services can often provide a significantly cheaper way to convert currency.