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Market Research + Higher Education

Market research can help determine how successful (or not) a new concept will be via actionable feedback on what people are actually looking for. This was the case when we were engaged by a higher education provider looking to design, streamline and implement a new degree. With the help of the client facilitating the focus […]

Market Research + Manufacturing

Market research is a vital component of making important decisions, especially ones where you want to introduce new products into a market, i.e. for manufacturing. Introducing new merchandise to existing customers or potentially new ones can be confusing. Usually we ask businesses looking to venture into unknown waters: “Does your new product resonate with the […]

Market Research + Hospitality

Market research is such a powerful tool to have. Take this example of one of our recent clients in the hospitality industry. This client publishes branding material every year outlining the latest trends, sentiments, challenges, opportunities and business case studies in the industry. We worked closely with their Marketing team to tweak their existing survey […]

Market Research + Aged Care

The power of research is so often undervalued.  Take one of our current clients in aged care – we are privileged to be working with an organisation which delivers care to some of the most vulnerable in our society – our elderly seniors. This client clearly understands the importance of research to make sure they […]