Market Research + Manufacturing

Market research is a vital component of making important decisions, especially ones where you want to introduce new products into a market, i.e. for manufacturing. Introducing new merchandise to existing customers or potentially new ones can be confusing. Usually we ask businesses looking to venture into unknown waters:

“Does your new product resonate with the market you are looking at?”

“Is your product fit-for-purpose?”

“Is someone else already producing your product, if so, how can you do better than your competitors?”

These are some of the more obvious and common questions that can be addressed through the power of market research. Market research gives you the confidence to make the best decision for your new venture.

For example, a steel fabricator wanted us to shed some insight on a potentially new product they would like bring to an already crowded market.

After contacting potential clients on the client-generated list and data from Queensland government, we were able to assess the market landscape. Combining the qualitative comments from the phone work and quantitative analysis of the government data, we had a very detailed picture on the market size of Southeast Queensland, what their potential clients were looking for in their new product category and drawing out what could potentially make them switch from their current suppliers.

Our client made the decision not to proceed with their new venture, ultimately saving them time, effort and money had they invested in what was perceived to be ‘a good idea’ at the time. Through the power of market research, our client was able to evade what could have been an expensive mistake.

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Market Research + Hospitality

Market research is such a powerful tool to have. Take this example of one of our recent clients in the hospitality industry. This client publishes branding material every year outlining the latest trends, sentiments, challenges, opportunities and business case studies in the industry.

We worked closely with their Marketing team to tweak their existing survey to fit the changing business landscape. As it turns out, we took care of the survey, the client took care of the email campaign to their extensive database. Responses were 100% voluntary (though some surveys do have incentives) and a donation was made to the client’s chosen charity for every response collected.

Using data from last year’s and this year’s results, we were able to extract comparative data for the different business groups being looked at. Our client was able to draw insights and forecast trends through the comparative data collected in the survey.

With the power of market research, their clients and readership are able to apply those insights and trend data to their own businesses, so they can better plan for the future and adapt to the ever changing market.

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