Getting better with age

Embracing change whilst remaining
true to your values.


Getting better with age brisbane market research consumer behaviour consultancy trends business strategy marketing ageing designGetting better with age brisbane market research consumer behaviour consultancy trends business strategy marketing ageing population

Seeing sunshine

where others see rain!

Ever wonder why sales have gradually declined
over time, in what should be an industry with
major growth potential?


Research by Design / Case Study - SolarResearch by Design / Case Study - Solar

How not to have

all your eggs in the one basket!

Why would a business feel the need
to ‘fly the coop’ and look for a potential
new nesting ground?


Research by Design / Case Study - Eggs in one basketResearch by Design / Case Study - Eggs in one basket

When ‘no’

means ‘no’.

Launching a new product into
an existing market may not always
be the success you believe it to be.


Research by Design / Case Study - When ‘no’ means ‘no’Research by Design / Case Study - When ‘no’ means ‘no’

Changing your tackle

to snag a new breed of customer!

For many years, one of Australia’s most well-known brands
in the sports and leisure market had battled to reverse
their dwindling sales. Not even changing their message
to consumers was working. But why?


Research by Design / Case Study - Changing your tackleResearch by Design / Case Study - Changing your tackle

Keeping one step ahead

How do you figure out what features
to include to give your product an edge
over your competitors?


Research by Design / Case Study - Keeping one step ahead

Devoted to

Growing your Business

Make the right decision.

What information do you need to ensure you make the best decisions possible for your business?

It’s all about getting the right information. Utilising market research from your customers and your industry will assist you in making intelligent and effective decisions for your business.

Research that works with you.

With more than 60 years’ experience, the Research by Design team will work with you to solve your most pressing business problems. 

Our depth of experience, our knowledge and business intelligence and our ability to brainstorm will ensure the information we provide you will help you make the right decisions; every time.

Kickstart your journey into market research!

Find out how to use market research for your business.

Our comprehensive range of Whitepapers and Market Research Made Easy series will not only help you make informed decisions about how to approach market research it will also teach you how you can implement your own market research practices in-house.


What our clients say

We regularly use Research by Design to provide market research that allows us to deliver informed advice to our clients. They are creative, flexible and cost effective.  We have no hesitation in recommending Sue Holz and her team to anyone who needs professional market research.

Paul DignamDirector

Australian Rail Technology provides complex systems and technology to the rail industry in Australia and New Zealand. To assist us with our expansion into SE Asia, Research by Design-Asia provided extensive and detailed in-country information to assist us narrow our focus and ensure target countries and projects matched our capabilities and capacity.

Garry LougherGeneral ManagerAustralian Rail Technology

Research By (AND with Salt) Design!

Salt Design and RxD have worked together on a number of projects over the past 10 years – the synergies and positive collaboration always resulting in a higher quality outcome for our clients. We strongly value the relationship we have developed with Sue and RxD – it is a professional approach founded on respect, trust and mutual admiration. The standard of service and capabilities within the RxD team make them our first choice for every research project.

Daile DrevinsDirectorSALT Design

Understanding how market research can provide strategic direction is critical for any business wanting to innovation to drive growth, whether it’s adopting innovation to be more efficient or developing it to launch a game-changing new product or service. We asked Sue Holz to share her insights with small business managers and start-up founders via an Innovate Queensland GRID webinar because Research By Design knows the challenges that SMEs face, especially when investing in external expertise. Our webinar viewers appreciated the opportunity to tap into Sue’s deep knowledge about market research and how it directly impacts business strategy.

Leanne WyvillCommunications & Training ManagerImpact Innovation Group

As our business has grown we have added new products to our range and along the way Research by Design has helped us evaluate some of the new product areas. Research by Design’s ability to collect, analyse and collate market information has led us to make better, more informed decisions. As a long term and repeat user of Research by Design’s services, I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Mark StarManaging DirectorStar Outdoor

Sue and her team worked with us to better understand the potential demand for Kakadu Plum products both in Australia and overseas.  Their willingness to participate in this journey as part of our team brought a significant contribution to the overall project and enabled us to successfully apply for grant funding.   T.H.E Kakadu Plum project continues to grow and we were very fortunate to have had Research by Design help us along this path.

Ann ShanleyDirector & Founding MemberKindred Spirit Foundations

I have worked with Research by Design over many years and on a number of complex projects.  I have always found Sue Holz and her team to be smart, professional and agile in how they approach data capture, analysis and reporting.  Their attention to detail, drive for accuracy and broad thinking approach to multifaceted issues is outstanding.

Gene TunnyPrincipalAdept Economics

The team at Research by Design is not only professional and knowledgeable about what they do, they are also passionate about helping businesses like ours. They quickly understood our business and what we wanted and needed to know about our customers. We enjoyed and appreciated how closely they worked with us by listening to our questions, revising our changes, and providing clear and useful feedback to ensure we reach our goal of maximising growth in our customer base.

Ashley SmithDigital Technologies CoordinatorPerfect Potion

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